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Have you ever wished that you could clean your windows more easily?

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We guarantee that our Jamb Spreader and Curtain Spreader tools will significantly ease the chore of tilting and cleaning your double-hung windows!
The Jamb Spreader makes it easy to tilt your double-hung windows for cleaning, while The Curtain Spreader safely keeps curtains out of the way for unobstructed sash tilting and removal.


Ready to purchase or want to learn more? Just visit our product pages for full information and pricing.
Apart from our two "Spreader" products, we also offer hard-to-find window replacement parts, such as jambliners and balances. And you can even call us for specialty window cleaning equipment, such as extension poles and squeegees.
Our goal is to make your life easier when it comes to cleaning and working with your home's windows. Please browse our website, then feel free to call us to purchase or ask questions!

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