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Q: How can I determine which size Jamb Spreader will best fit my windows?

A: Click on our “Specs” page for that information.

Q: Our windows are several years old and don’t slide up & down as easily as they once did. Why?

A: The vinyl compression jambs become dry and accumulate dust & dirt over time.
We recommend cleaning them with a soft cloth & silicone lubricant, or Lemon Pledge. Spray cans of silicone lubricant are available at most hardware stores.

Q: Can most compression jamb windows be completely removed for repairs or painting?

A: Yes they can, however there are several different types of balance systems. While some brands are relatively easy to remove, others can be more difficult. If you know the name of the manufacturer, we recommend a visit to their web-site for specific instructions. If you have no clue as to the manufacturer, give us a call or an e-mail, we may be able to help.

Q: We have a window that won’t stay up unless we prop it open. What is the problem?

A: Very likely the balance mechanism inside the jamb liner is broken. We can help you with that, just give us a call. Parts may not be needed, but if they are, we can very likely provide them as well.

Q: Is wholesale pricing available?

A: Yes, Call or e-mail for pricing.

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